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Welcome to

We now accept PAYPAL!

For US based retail bare root pl
Thank you for visiting our website. This site is intended for Wholesale customers, If you are in the USA and are interested in Retail plants, please select from the 2 below websites for either Potted Orchid Plants or Bare-Root orchid plants. If you want to qualify for Wholesale purchases from this site, be sure to review our requirements below and then the review shipping process section in the information panel located in the bottom Left of the screen
For US based retail bare root plant orders under $600.00, we deliver door to door. Please click here to see our retail website
For US based retail potted plant orders under $600.00, we deliver door to door. Please click here to see our retail website

Check Out our Specially Packed Deals!
Click Here to see all our Special Grower's Pack!
Purchasing Requirements:

Orchid Plant Size Chart

This site is intended to provide wholesale access to our inventory for resellers and distributors worldwide. in order to qualify purchasing from this site, you need to understand the Terms and Conditions as well as the requirements.

  • Smallest Plant order amount is $600.00 plus S&H for US destinations using door 2 door services. If you are importing the plants to the US or other country separately from our door 2 door US delivery service, you need to order a minimum of 100/KG per shipment.

  • You need appropriate licenses and permits for orchids to enter your country. (US destinations can take advantage of our Door to Door service)

  • You must be able to clear and collect the shipment at your port of entry.

  • S&H fees are estimated and paid separately from the plant order. We will send you an estimate for the S&H fees within 2 business days of your Plant Order.

Please click here to see detailed information and cost estimates for Shipping and Handling.



Flowering Sized Fully matured plant that is flowering or has flowered......more
Blooming Sized Adult sized plant that can flower if environmental conditions are favorable......more
Near Blooming Sized Plant is near Adult and Flowering size but has not flowered yet......more
Medium Sized Plant that is 50% or more of the way to adult first blooming size......more
Seedling Sized This is a plant that has grown out of the Compot and is 20% or more of the way to adult first blooming size......more
Compots This is a group of plants that have been removed from a flask and have been growing together in a community pot......more
Flasks Sealed container from the Laboratory with seedling plants inside......more

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