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Orchid Plant Size Chart



Flowering Sized This is a fully matured plant that is flowering or has flowered in the past. These plants will be shipped with flower buds or spikes if available, but it is not guaranteed. Availability is subject to Mother Nature and customer demand. Please note that flowering plants shipped with spikes or buds are fragile and we cannot guarantee survival of buds or spikes, but we do guarantee the plant.
Blooming Sized This plant is Adult sized and can flower if environmental conditions are favorable for the plant.  In some cases the plant has started its first flowering cycle.  Cattleya plants are Divisions from a mother plant with 3 or more Psuedobulbs and at least 1 eye.  We ship with spikes when ever available.  We can not guarantee a spike or that a shipped spike will survive the trip as they are very sensitive.
Near Blooming Sized Plant is near Adult and Flowering size but has not flowered yet. Plant should be Adult size within a few months time.
Medium Sized Plant that is 50% or more of the way to adult first blooming size.  It can take between 4 to 12 months to flower depending on species and growing conditions.
Seedling Sized This is a plant that has grown out of the Compot and is 20% or more of the way to adult first blooming size.  It can take between 10 to 24 months to flower depending on species and growing conditions.
Compots This is a group of plants that have been removed from a flask and have been growing together in a community pot.  Normally a compot will have 20 or more very small plants although actual quantity varies. These plants have lived outside the flask for more than 2 months.
Flasks Sealed container from the Laboratory with seedling plants inside. Plant quantity can vary greatly, but most have 25 or more seedling plants inside.

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