Shipping Procedures

*All prices are quoted in USD. 

Minimum Plant order amount is $600.00.  Keep in mind that the price break in Air Freight is 100KG or larger.  You can save a lot of money on Air Freight if you order is more than 100KG in size per order. If you are not sure about the size of order you need to keep the Shipping costs down, see the chart on the bottom of this page for some estimates. Also know that when shipping orchids, Air Freight is usually calculated volumetrically and not the actual weight.  6000 CM2 = 1KG = 2.2LB

If you want to order less than $600 and live in the USA, you can purchase plants from our Florida transshipping facility. Click here visit our site

Every order has a flat rate Documentation and handling fee of $75.00 no matter the size.  This includes Local in country inspection, CITES and Phytosanitary Certificate as well as invoices and export licenses from the shipping country.  We ship from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and other a few other countries

If required in your country of importation, you must supply us with your import permit or license.  Check with your local authorities prior to ordering from us to insure you can complete the process in your country. You should designate a local agent in your country to handle the importing process in advance of shipping unless you are experienced in the process.

FAX (+1-702-920-8183) or email ( Your Import Permit to us at the time that you place your order. Your permit will show us the requirements of your country for importing the plants so we can prepare the plants accordingly.

For USA destinations we can deliver to your doorstep without any documentation as we have our corporate shipments going to the US almost weekly.  Ask us for our hassle free door to door delivery service if you prefer us to handle the process for you.

Below is a list of freight charges to various countries.  These rates change from time to time and should only be used as an estimate.  If your country is not listed below, ask us for an estimate.  The local delivery and in country processing is something out of our control and is your responsibility.

Once your order is prepared we will contact you about the Air freight charges.  These charges must be paid prior to shipping your order and will be invoiced separately.

All Documents will be scanned and emailed to you as well as the original documents that will be sent with your shipment.

COUNTRYDESINATIONLess than 45 kgs.Over 45 kgs.Over 100 kgs.
AUSTRALIA Brisbane6.533.523.19
 COSTA RICASan Jose8.618.21
 DOMINICAN REPSanto Domingo11.28
 JAPANOsaka, Tokyo2.642.49
PUERTO RICOSan Juan7.717.33
Prices mentioned above are changing often due to the fluctuation of airline fuel surcharge. Please use this chart only to estimate your freight cost.

All plants are shipped bare root.

If the cross is sold out , we will substitute with the similar one.

Packaging information

Plants will be shipped air freight, packed in a 106 x 46 x 37cm cardboard box

We estimate 1 box can hold the following:

200 Compots of any orchids.

400 Plant-S (Small sized plants) of any orchids.

60 Medium Sized plants.

35 large Blooming & Flowering sized plants.